• Founded in 1954, the All-Japan Prefectural and Municipal Workers Union (JICHIRO) organizes workers in local governments at the prefectural and municipal levels, as well as workers in private companies providing public services in communities. The mission of JICHIRO is to carry out a wide variety of public services in every corner of Japan, to ensure every aspect of life is well taken care of for the workers.

JICHIRO’s 21st Century Declaration

Along with the JICHIRO Fundamental Principles which have guided us for half a century, and the valuable experience and insight gained throughout the years, we declare that we will do our best to implement the following objectives for the purpose of opening a new horizon for the future:

  • To promote the labor movement in order to create a society based on”freedom, equity and solidarity”in cooperation with local and international democratic organizations;
  • To bring together all workers and trade unions engaged in public services in order to establish industrial relations on an equal footing and improve the quality of life and rights of our members;
  • To work closely with communities and employers in order to establish an effective and reliable government, and to defend and expand public services which guarantee quality of life;
  • To make constant efforts to promote autonomy and decentralization, in order to realize an autonomous civil society based on participation and self-determination. Also to build a gender-free society where life and work can go harmoniously together; and
  • To construct cooperative communities based on security, trust and freedom from anxiety, and to work towards realizing the fundamental human rights, and creating world peace that coexists with the global environment.

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